SPORTS ALERT: Nets, Lopez turning point vs Washington

In Friday nights (1/16) 22 point win over Washington Mason Plumlee (double double) in fowl trouble, played a minor role in the fourth quarter as Brook Lopez literally took off like a rocket (hopefully not a Houston Rocket) scoring 26 points in just 23 minutes.

What was encouraging was the overall intensity showed by all the Nets players both offensively and defensively. There was no “let up” in the fourth quarter as the Nets surgically disposed of the Wizards.

NBA pro Jarrett Jack played a significant role with a 67% field goal percentage, 26 points and 7 assists.

Tonight the Nets will try to start a second half trend that will cement their eligibility for a playoff spot.

Nets win ugly at Thunder

Seeing that this was almost a must have win for the Nets they just missed another devastating loss to the most undermanned team in the NBA at the moment.

Joe Johnson knows more than we fans do about what’s wrong ….

My take is that Hollins is misusing the players  …. Plumley(loss of confidence) & Kirilenko(rusting on bench) too little and Mirza & Bogdonavich too much.

One can only wonder how much Eastern European influence there is on court brought down from the powers that be aka the owner from above. Too much IMO.

Telenovic is a defensive liability due to his physical limitations (speed & size).

Bogdonavich seems to want to do too much and excel as an individual rather than as a team member .. likewise for Williams who has gotten carried away with his new healthy ankles and often plays with five thumbs on both hands.

I’m starting to sour on Hollins who must be breaking some kind of record for mixed line-ups. You would think he would have gotten that out of his system in pre-season and by watching tape.

Apparently he doesn’t watch must tape from last season …. I think he’s just lazy and his substitutions and time-outs are noticeably horrible.

His grimacing face is getting on my nerves and calling singling out seasoned players for in-game critiques .. in comparison to Kidd’s smiling face, enthusiasm and overall upbeat support of his players. It seems both younger and older players respond well to Jason.

Hollins “old school” simply smells and looks old … period!

Bottom line seems to be that Kidd is a far better manager than King (& apparently Prokolov) gives him credit for … and King is a far worse General Manager than the YES media makes him out to be!

Unhappy nets fan here … I sense the season is already doomed.

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The Nets: a tale of two coaches

Long time Nets fan here …. was a seasons ticket holder during the Jason Kidd feel good times …..

These are fast becoming the bad times.

The Nets loss against the Bucks last night was the worst ever that I’ve ever seen for a number of reasons.

First and foremost Jason Kidd was able to symbolically give the Nets fans who booed him and the Nets management who shunned him the finger.

Second the Milwaukee Bucks on on there way to making Kidd the coach of the month for the third time in barely over a year as a rookie NBA coach.

There’s a lot to say about Kidd bad and good … his ego, his hubris and his gall.

Yet he backs it up.

At the end of the game a number of Nets players came over to embrace him. I found that painfully embarrassing for the team as a whole and for Lionel Hollins and Billy King in particular.

It is still early, however there are a number of serious problems I see now having watched enough games to form an opinion of some merit.

After 11 games I already have enough to discuss to create a season long series of articles!

Some of the headlines are as follows.

  • Deflection? Hollins confronts individual players during games.
  • Nets locker room: a quiet uproar.
  • Nets veteran team unresponsive to old time coaching tactics.
  • Nets line ups: a game of pick up jacks.
  • A kaleidoscope of substitutions plagues Brooklyn Nets.
  • Nets visit the well too often … Johnson runs dry.

Anyways .. you get the picture .. it’s a feast of headlines for sports writers.

Where do we begin??!!


Duda DID!

500px-Kirk_NieuwenhuisIn what was a monotonous often boring pre-last-game ballgame Saturday night at Citi-Field Lucus Duda saved the day in one swing of his bat with a walk-off screamer that hit the right foul pole netting like a cannonball shot at close distance.

Players on both sides were swinging at first pitches all night to make outs rather than get hits which made me realize they were all going to the same after game bars or parties to celebrate the end of the season.

The final game on Sunday afternoon would find most players scurrying to make flights by early evening after packing up, listening to coaches speeches and bidding one another adieu.

Thus Saturday night was the only practical venue for season ending celebrations for players on two teams not going to the post season.

There was determination in Dud’s eyes that was manifested in a fierce swing that was representative of the pent up frustrations, anger and disappointment of Met’s fans.

For fans watching the baseball Duda crushed was symbolically the head of either Alderson, Collins or either one of the two Wilpons.

This requires no explanation if you are a Mets fan and look back over the past few years of “silent” rebuilding that actually cloaked the bean counting activities of the ownership and brass. They surreptitiously unloaded key players like Beltran & Pagan & Reyes who would have gotten the Mets to post season. The sole purpose had to do with money, and not Mets fans.

It’s impossible to avoid the speculation that personal financial problems has put aside the goals of a major league team for an extended period of time.

Now finally the 2015 season does look promising – but only IF the Mets ownership doesn’t screw around with Daniel Murphy to make a few dollars more profit or perhaps make up for losses incurred outside of baseball.

As the Yankees have taught major league baseball – satisfying fans and winning is a priority and profit will follow naturally!

Mejia fall guy for decision of Mets management


sketch-MejiaNobody who follows the Mets can believe that Mejia’s condition was unknown to the Mets organization.

With the question of his permanence still lingering in Mejia’s mind there was little doubt he would go along with the Doctor’s prognosis that he could play albeit in pain.

Of course everyone who is baseball savvy knows that pain can alter mechanics which can lead to real permanent damage.

The decision to let Mejia pitch with a hernia therefore was within the context of late season theater and the desire of the Mets organization to leave a good taste in the mouths of bitter Mets fans.

The rebuilding process has taken way too long and after the trade deadline passed with no significant moves to salvage 2014  – yet another year of ho hum baseball faces the fans.

The fans have long been taken for granted in a city that easily fills up a stadium with 50k plus seats. Peeps who just want a day in the sun or the experience of a baseball game buy a lot of tickets with no serious concern for the seasons destination of the home team.

Money can be made cutting corners which is something the Mets specialize in. It’s a team owned and run by bean counters.

It is what it is and call it like I see it. You can bet the Mets TV booth won’t!




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Mets stonewalling continues with den Dekker, Nieuwenhuis

500px-Kirk_NieuwenhuisDuring the Philly game last night (Mets won 2-1) it was mentioned that Matt den Dekker  was called up – and not one word about Kirk Nieuwenhuis. This illustrates the fact that the Mets organization controls what it’s employees in the TV & radio booth talk about, emphasize and more often don’t talk about or emphasize. The message is controlled everywhere the Mets ownership/management has control and ownership including on the sny metsblog. For several years the sny TV booth has played down the fact that the reorg that justified Beltan & Pagan & Reyes no longer being with the Mets has taken way too long.

The propaganda never ends. Now we have yet another lost season 2014 with the same old late season theatrics.

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Chiefs lose “edge” as Steelers fans rejoice.

Anyone who thinks I’m jumping on the Kansas City Chiefs grave should read my previous article on the Chiefs loss to San Diego. I was outraged that Reid sat 22 players in a game where the Steelers playoff hopes were at stake.

It’s likely barring the refs errors that the Chiefs would have won given the poor performance of the Chargers.

AND so we have the Colts who were on a roll of sorts and didn’t sit 22 players prior to this first round of the playoffs versus the presumably well rested and healthy Chiefs.

But how much of an edge was lost when they sat on their asses and lost to the chargers?

We know the answer now.

All I can say is you get what you earn in sports.

The Chiefs and Andy Reid lost their edge when they played it safe against the Chargers.

The Steelers laid it all on the line and would have made a significant and entertaining impact on the post season.

Thanks to Reid that didn’t happen.

He got what he deserved.



Why Andy Reid & Kansas City Chiefs suck :ask the Eagles

There were a lot of reasons the Eagles finally gave up on Andy Reid … and you could pretty much see all of them on exhibit in the final Chiefs Chargers week 17 game.

here’s the list with explanations

tentative … by holding out practically his entire starting team he took away their edge going into the post season …

despite all the hot air from the pundits about his doing the right thing … this is football … and both a physical and a mental contact sport …

Gutless …… Reid manages his players away from contact both physically and mentally and dulls his teams competitive edge in doing so ….

Timid ….. Reids tactics in winding down to a 41 yard field goal attempt by Succup … think SUCK UP or perhaps FUCK up if you are a Steeler fan gave the Chargers every bit of the edge …  while dulling his own teams competitive spirit … by using up three useless running downs to position off center for a 41 yard field goal attempt?? YUH THINK?!

Are you kiddin’ me?!


All I can say is that the Chiefs are entering the post season with negative karma and negative momentum and a lot of hatred from Steeler fans.

I doubt that the “rest” will get them much past the first round … but it may keep Reid in his job for a few years  – which seems to be his specialty.

Ask the Eagles.