Mets Blog: Mets magic numbers 162 games 90 wins and 72 losses (minus one)

Autographed Mets 25th Anniversary CapIn what we hope wasn’t an indication of the season to come the New York Mets wasted three home runs and an overall decent performance in what I personally believe was an over managed game (bull pen) against the Washington Nationals.

The highly publicized forecast or prognostication or as Sandy Alderson paraphrased it “lofty” goal was on the minds of all fans who viewed the game.
The result was what we fans have come to expect most of the time over the last several seasons since Pagan, Beltran and Reyes departed.

Everyone is waiting for the results that would justify moving three talented all star players whom the Mets have been trying to replace ever since.
Pagan and Beltran have played major roles in helping other teams succeed while Jose Reyes absence contributed to the lack luster results the Mets have experienced at the short stops position since his departure.

Mets ownership and management can ride David Wrights back only so long before it becomes obvious they are too busy counting beans to pay attention to what the fans want on the field.

The booth (Keith, Gary, Ron) are what they are – loyal employees of the Mets owners and management.
The only thing remaining is for their (now burnt) brown noses to begin to grow like the Pinocchio’s that they are … avoiding the topic on everyone’s mind for years now … why and what for? Where was the promised rebuild – why hasn’t more been invested when the players over-performed in the first half of 2013 and deserved an infusion of talent to get the team over the top?

So now we have 162 minus 1 = 161 more games and are hoping for 90 more wins or we may have 72 minus 1 = 71 more losses as the magic numbers

Autographed 25th Anniversary Cap – Bob Murphy, Mel Stottlemeyer
Ray Knight, Fran Healy, Tim McCarver, Darryl Strawberry, Gary Carter
Doug Sisk

Which of these magic numbers will reach zero first? It won’t be the Mets $ bottom line  - that’s for sure.

Could it be at 1 1 1 on the last day of the season?

I can’t wait to find out and I hope “the hope” lasts that long!

Brooklyn Nets: puzzle complete and pieces fit

GarnettWith the impending return of Kevin Garnett and Andrei Kirilenko to the line-up the Nets post season puzzle is complete and the picture is clear.

The Brooklyn Nets now have a very nice collection of interchangeable and flexible puzzle pieces.

Not so at the beginning of the season when there was a lot of getting acquainted and acclimation going on for a number of players and the head coach Jason Kidd.

Today Paul Pierce is emotionally involved with the fans, Kevin Garnett is Kevin Garnett and a number of players have stepped up big time like Jason Plumlee, Andray Blatche and more recently Marcus Thornton.
Others have improved like Mirza Teletovic and others are finally looking healthy like Deron Williams. Alan Anderson is solid and Joe Johnson is still the team rock.

It’s difficult to subtract any player without sensing a loss … yet the ability of the team to morph on-demand and inter change roles has increased with time.

The combined will of the team seems to have taken over and is driving them towards would could be a very successful playoff picture.
The pieces are there and they fit. The puzzle is assembled and the picture is clear.

Next step?

Anything is possible.

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